Our services

MDLM specializes in providing specialy trained personnel to provide physical security and logistics support.

Cash Handling and Logistics Services

Our operational section offers site to site transport of high value items. The most common application for this service is in support of retail locations. By utilizing our couriers businesses are able to increase their productivity by devoting their time to managing thier businesses while we go to the bank for you. By utilizing this service our clients protect their employees from harm and liability resulting from criminal activity while resting asured that their valubles are insured.

Site Security and Patrol Services

Our operational section provides site patrol services. MDLM is able to service both short and long term contracts. Patrol personnel are specialy trained to protect lives and property. The training of our patrol staff includes basic fire supression, first aid, CPR, defensive techniques, loss prevention and other liability mitigation skills. Patrol personnel maintain security activity logs for all sites.

Event Security Services

The staff at MDLM Security are highly experienced with event support operations. Our staff are capable of supporting both traditional support functions as well as venue specific cerimonial functions to accomodate the nature of your special activity.